I stumbled onto coding during my first year at the University of British Columbia. An art student at the time, I wrote a few lines of code, pressed run, and watched the magic happen on my screen. Technically, little dots labeled as monsters changed colors as they became closer but at the time, it did seem magical and I was hooked.

Since then, I got my bachelor of Computer Science from the University of British Columbia with a co-op designation and worked as a product developer. Mainly, I love building features from beginning to end. From discussing requirements, creating mockups, talking design, coding, testing to deploying, I enjoy it all.

I am not just about work and no play. Outside of work, I enjoy teaching programming with Ladies Learning Code but also exploring as travel is the second love of my life (tied with tech, to be honest). I live out of my backpack and am constantly on the road as a freelance software developer. You can check out my Instagram if you want to follow my travels (@travelling_pescatarian).

To find out more details about my work experience, here is the link to my LinkedIn and here are samples of my code.