Agence Kapalouest/Pamplemousse

Agence Kapalouest needed some help with their Wordpress website. Among the tasks completed:

  • Update of their Wordpress version
  • Update of their themes and extensions
  • Update of their PHP version
  • Setting up a backup system
  • Configuring and enabling their SSL
  • Configuring reCAPTCHA to prevent form spamming

City Secrets

Founder and main developer of City Secrets, a marketplace allowing tour guides to create and sell self-guided tours. The platform is built with Next.js, Express and Postgres.


Worked for 2 years with an entrepreneur to develop a tool around content architecture and publishing. This tool allowed users to transform XML content into various formats such as PDF, Word documents, Powerpoint slides and more.

The platform was built using React, NodeJs, MongoDB along with DITA technologies, XSLT and XQuery.

logo of Architextus with the text: "Get efficient at publishing and reduce translation costs. We will help with content architecture, dita, xslt and xquery transformations.

While working with a UX/UI designer, I restructured and redesigned Alison's website using the Divi tool.


While working at sendwithus, I acted as lead Product Developer on a number of projects. These included:

  • Implementation of a brand-new two-factor authentication (2FA) system with a Twilio integration
  • Implementation of an integration with the Litmus API which allowed customers to test their email templates in sendwithus through Litmus
  • Implementation of a new in-house billing system including an integration with the Stripe API
  • Redesign and implementation of the ¬†UI (screenshots seen below)

Fischer Associates

I worked as a contractor for Fischer Associates and maintained their e-learning platform built with Wordpress.

logo of Fisher Associates